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Italian conjugation

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Italian conjugation

Verbs beginning with z

zaffare [tr (vec)]
zampare [intr]
zampeggiare [intr]
zampettare [intr]
zampillare [intr A]
zampillare [intr E]
zanzerare [intr]
zappare [tr]
zappettare [tr]
zapponare [tr]
zavorrare [tr]
zeppare [tr]
zigare [intr]
zigrinare [tr]
zigzagare [intr]
zillare [intr]
zincare [tr]
zipolare [tr]
zirlare [intr]
zittire [tr, intr]
zizzagare [intr]
zoccolare [intr (pop)]
zolfare [tr]
zombare [tr (pop)]
zompare [intr]
zonare [tr (vec)]
zonizzare [tr]
zoomare [tr, intr]
zoppare [intr (tosc)]
zoppicare [intr]
zuccherare [tr]
zufolare [intr]
zumare [tr, intr]
zuppare [tr]

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